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South San Francisco
https://pocketmud.com Posted Date : 25-12-2015
Release Date : 25-12-2015

Great Service

In the 19 years I have been writing and playing games this is the best
game host I’ve ever had. Coffeemud has a few hoops to jump through to
get it loaded up and running smoothly and Pocket Mud did it all. All I
had to do was log into my game. She even made it possible for my
domain to work with my game and when I tried to set it up for myself
on a different host I never did get that worked out.
I have asked her dozens of questions about the game engine and she
answers so fast. She even logged into my game to help me instead of
going through email.
I am thrilled that it is so cheap for a CM install. Nowhere else have
I found such a deal!
I know I sound a little over the top but this truly is a fabulous
deal, great service, excellent technical support and going beyond any other host I’ve ever used.
I highly recommend this service.
She even worked on Christmas for me!

Atty at Lovers Liars And Thieves MUD
Posted Date : 28-12-2015
Release Date : 00-00-0000