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Really unique and amazing hosting in PocketMUD by Marisa, She provided amazingly quick and great set up, not only while starting up but i was also provided with support each time i ran into an issue with the mud and the database when updating and my mistakes and so on, very reliable and great host, even the shared servers aren't slow and can rely on them to not go down easily. Had remote login info given for the machine and in it i was provided with also a special program she made for CM as a control panel for doing almost everything you'd need, amazing stuff. Truly the perfect choice for MUD hosting, thanks for everything again, Marisa! Vide Noir, http://secretoflife.pocketmud.com:27744 @ 2023-07-31, 08:43
5 / 5 Rating

Marisa has been very helpful with all of my hosting needs!
Very quick responses, a very friendly partnership in creating my Virtual world. PocketMUD will always be my MUD Hosting goto! Mark Cinematic, RainyDaze @ 2020-12-23, 15:36
Marisa has been an amazing help with the issues that come form migrating a MUD. Thanks so much! Jaron Harris, cultivating.pocketmud.com @ 2020-12-19, 17:08
Could not ask for better servers. They are the best ever and I have tried MANY. Great upgrades and always careful to upgrade and not break everything working. The Portal website is the best and is included in the works. Folks here are friendly and will to help out whenever needed. I give them 5 stars. Thanks for everything you all at PocketMUD. Marvin Potts @ 2019-03-04, 15:30
Could not ask for better service! Marisa / pocketmud has been a major help on getting everything setup and working properly. Anytime I have needed help Marisa has jumped right in and taken care of the problem. Top notch support and service! If you need a home for coffeemud or another server this is the place to come. Kendall Davis, Landsofteric.com @ 2019-01-15, 08:18
They were a huge help in getting everything set up. Prompt in responses, and knowledgeable in whatever I needed. They helped me host my mud. I've got a lot of learning to do before it is ready to go, but I'm glad that I get this opportunity. The Barman, Tavern.pocketmud.com @ 2018-08-29, 12:17
Super easy set up and get started with many options as well as all the access you would need to run a Mud. Support is super responsive as well. Very recommended to anyone looking for a Coffee Mud host. James, dungeonia.pocketmud.com @ 2018-08-26, 13:45
Pocketmud is the perfect host for coffeemud. Most hosting providers do not support running coffemud without paying for dedicated servers. If you are looking for a low cost well supported mud host i wouldnt recommend anyone else. Thank you for even offering this service. James @ 2018-08-25, 12:38
Marisa set me up with an Ubuntu server running CoffeeMud, and gave me the login information.

Everything just worked when I copied my database over from my VM, and uploaded it.

Her code makes management easy, their are daily backups, and she has a text console that allows me to administer the CoffeeMud server. Pete, kellermud.pocketmud.com @ 2018-05-01, 20:16
Marisa was true too her word. I responded and she set me up with a linode running Ubuntu server that had a pocketmud base running and a generic site with Joomla configured that I could modify to my hearts content. All of my questions were answered with alacrity and clarity. I'll have more to say about it after I use it a bit more, but so far, so good! Jin Hadah, BrittleAlloy @ 2018-04-17, 14:00
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