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Viktyr C Gehrig created a new topic ' Let's Use This Thing.' in the forum. 3 years ago

My name is Viktyr, or if the forum's already showing you that, I go by the nom de plume of FaerieGodfather

The MUD I'm working on is named Shroompunk after the setting it takes place in, one of the tabletop settings I am developing for commercial publication-- it's a sword and sorcery setting, high on weirdness. Imagine someone were trying to recreate Howard's Conan stories through a literary filter of Heavy Metal and Nintendo Power magazines. Brutal, sleazy, and surreal... I'm hoping Shroompunk delivers on a unique gameplay experience.

Among other things, I plan on using karmic account XP and green mushrooms to make player-vs-player and permadeath not only viable, but enjoyable.

What are other people working on?


Have downloaded Java SDK and found an online course.

The Pact is Sealed.

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